Monday, May 15, 2006

Progress Report... Now with pictures!

This poor neglected blog has been lacking on photographs for a while, and with the Amazing Lace picking up, I figured I was due for a big ol' progress report with photos. Especially since I spent a ton of time this weekend knitting.

First up: Sock City, baybee! I zipped through half a sock on Saturday and went from turning the heel yesterday morning to finishing the toe before bed last night. I even cast on the mate this morning, so no second sock syndrome here.

I also cast on another sock with that merino I bought from KimiK in Muskegon a couple months ago. So far, colors aren't pooling any, but I'm just planning to do a simple stockinette sock with that yarn. Just that little bit of ribbing is making me love this yarn. It's like knitting with butter. I'll have a while to decide if I want to try a different heel and toe with this one, the heel flap was interesting, and the pointy toe was easy to knit, but I think I'll like something more rounded in the long run.

Second Stop: Tank Top Land

On the right is the stagnant progress on the Ribbon not-x-back, I'm so close to splitting for the top and just finishing it and I just haven't dedicated the time and energy to it to get it done. Instead, I finished a sock. And on the left is the bottom part of what will become another tank top made from brown Lang Viva cotton purchased on EBay. I'm just kinda winging this one on my own, I know I want it lace on the bottom half with the diagonal lace pattern almost creating a spiral effect, sort of an empire waist with solid stockinette over my boobs, worked on circs to make a tube top and then some sort of a wrap-over wide tank sleeve to produce a square neckline in front and maybe a higher V in the back. I know I can handle the tube top part, and hopefully once I finish the ribbon tank, I'll have a better idea of what I'll need to do at the top to make it work.

Oh, and my amazing lace teammate? She's back to looking like several wound up skeins of yarn. I finally decided on a lace pattern for the stole/shawl thing that I'm planning to wear for my brother's wedding reception, but I'm giving up on the bamboo needles and need to get a few pair in other materials to find something pointy enough that will work well with the yarn I have. I only have 6 weeks til the wedding, no sweat, right?


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