Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Miscelaneous Madness

A little bit of everything today. I think I've got most of a quick end-of-April trip planned now. It all kind of fell into place yesterday.

I'd been looking for a cheap flight for the weekend after Easter with no luck. I was willing to go just about anywhere, but Spring Fling at Six Flags Over Georgia was at the top of my list. Round trip flights into Atlanta were pricing out really high though.

Yesterday, I learned that a friend who lives nearby is driving. I don't want to sacrifice the vacation day to ride down, but I found a one-way ticket for Friday night that was less than 1/4 the cost of the round trips I was pricing. So, in the matter of 24 hours, we have a plan.

I'm catching the flight down, spending Friday night with my cousin and most likely dragging him to the park with me on Saturday for the event. We'll bunk with everyone else Saturday night and I'll ride back to Detroit on Sunday, pick up my car and come home. Even if I cover my cousin's admission to the park, the whole trip will cost less than that round trip flight would have, and I'll have a long drive from Georgia with someone else driving, which means 10+ hours of uninterrupted knitting time!

So, since the Sophie bag is done and I couldn't quite handle casting on a sock and chatting online at the same time last night, I've only got one project on the needles right now and it's a scarf. A warm, navy blue cabled scarf. I just can't bring myself to work on it when it's getting sunny and springy outside.

Which brings me to new projects. I've been bringing in a lot of new yarn lately, picking up some deals on eBay, and one of the things I've aquired was a slew of pink ModaDea Ticker Tape nylon ribbon yarn. I've been digging around for something to make with it that isn't a scarf or a poncho, and I found a blog where someone is doing the Ribbon XBack out of it with a few modifications to account for the stretchyness of the nylon. I'm thinking this may be a good thing to try, so I've printed off that pattern to play with tonight. I don't think I'll make it an X-back, and I may make the straps a little wider, but otherwise, I think it will work well without any other major modifications.

I'm also going to stay offline long enough tonight to get my first sock cast on so I have something small to work on as well. I think those two projects should keep me occupied and springy for a while. If I get them done though, I'll still need a couple portables for that car ride.


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