Sunday, April 02, 2006


This is what the bag looked like a little while ago before I grafted the handle and wove in my ends.

I finished up the Sophie Bag today, got it home, and it is currently taking a trip through the washing machine in hopes of it coming out shrunken and felted, and not a big ball of mush. So, to ease my nerves while I wait, I'm going to blog instead of hover over the machine.

I had an otherwise fabulous day. I found a local source for hand-dyed yarns! They're gorgeous. And the person who does them not only lives 2-doors down from where my dad works, but she also sells at the farmer's market in the summer. I can see her getting even more of my money later this year. I payed for and picked up the yarn I'd bought on ebay.

I also bought two gorgeous skeins of her sock-weight merino, enough for two pair of socks. I think the knitpicks I bought last week will be my test socks to learn on and then I'll dive into this stuff.

Ok, time for me to check the wash... I'll hopefully have a finished bag to show off tomorrow.


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