Friday, March 31, 2006


Yesterday I mentioned a recent trip to Vegas. I had my first coaster trip of the year March 7 - 12 in Vegas and Los Angeles to coincide with what has become a spring kickoff tradition for me: Winter Coaster Solace at Knotts Berry Farm.

I've made several trips to SoCal in the last twelve months, (my boyfriend of just over a year lives out there) and there aren't many coasters in California that I haven't ridden so instead of just sticking to local stuff, I planned 2 1/2 days in Vegas to kick off the trip.

We stayed at the Stratosphere, met up with some local friends and one very much not local friend and hit most of the amusement ride attractions.

The pic to the right is Gary riding Insanity at the Stratosphere. I think of everything we did in Vegas, that was my favorite. I don't generally suffer any ill effects from spinning rides, and this one gave me a touch of vertigo. Was a blast though and definitely something I'd consider doing again.

We spent an evening at the stateline at Buffalo Bills. I spent the morning repeatedly proclaiming "there's a coaster out my window!" How could I not appreciate this view?

And the weekend was spent enjoying visits with friends and just generally relaxing around Knotts.

This has become one of my least frantic trips in the last two years. The first year, I had to do everything, last year we kicked back and relaxed some and this year was more of the same. Ride when we feel like it, take a nap in the afternoon and spent most of our time visiting with friends. Gotta love that.

No more spring coastering for me for a few more weeks, tonight I'm off to drive through thunderstorms for another weekend at my parents house. Hopefully, there will be enough knitting time to finish my Sophie bag so I can sacrifice it to the washing machine gods next week.

There will also be some wedding stuff this weekend (no, I'm not getting married. My brother is). My mom wants to go dress shopping and I need to schedule alterations for my bridesmaid dress. Guess I should get on that, eh?


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