Friday, March 24, 2006


I've been making my mom hats this week. Knitting up a storm with my first round needle/dpn projects and my first eyelet lace project. I finished the second one last night, and they both resemble hats and fit a human head and turned out just fine.

I won't get into all the details on why I made my mom two hats in a week, but she came home from the hospital today and I'm driving there tonight for a celebratory weekend. We're having friends and family over tomorrow to do some work on their house and just rejoice that she's a million times better than she was two weeks ago.

The short version of the story, that I'm sure once I can get through it without sobbing I'll get around to posting a longer version, is that two and a half weeks ago my mom fell and hit her head. She'd been sick for a while with other things, and this fall caused 4 skull fractures and bleeding inside her brain. We almost lost her.

Miraculously, she was conscious the next day, out of the ICU within a week, and has progressed so quickly with the therapists in the rehab unit that they decided to discharge her today. So she's back home again and will continue to work with the speech therapists on the few areas where she had the most brain damage. Primarilly short term memory function and math, as well as multi-tasking and reading comprehension. Not bad considering how much worse it could have been.

So, I've been making my mom hats because when they did surgery, they shaved half her head. A few days later my dad and I shaved the rest. The hats will cover her massive healing scar (they litterally opened up half of her head) and my dad's really poor head-shaving job.

For now, I'm off to deliver and enjoy a weekend at home with my parents. For as often as I used to grumble about them wanting me to drive and visit all the time (at least once a month), it hasn't felt like nearly as much of a chore to make the trip these last few weeks. We'll see how far that lasts once coaster season starts up fully, but for now, I'm just grateful she's there to visit.


Blogger Steve Baxter said...

A moving post. My prayers and best wishes for your mom.

9:16 PM  

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