Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Trip Planning 101

I am a geek. Certifiable even.

Coaster trips are my forte, I think I may have been a sadistic travel agent in a former life or something. This year's batch of trips is no exception. Currently, I'm starting to piece together several trips for this summer. Some long and drawn out, some quick weekend jaunts.

The first (unless I can find a cheap flight somewhere for the second to last weekend in April) will be an 11-day trip through 10 or 11 parks in 7 states starting memorial day weekend. This should add anywhere from 40 to 50 new coasters to my count (yes, I count... I'm a geek). It will also cover one of the last big spans of parks that I haven't yet visited, the south. Beyond that, there are really just a handful of hit and miss parks scattered around the country left for me to conquer.

I'll likely catch a few repeat parks in July around my brother's weddding. And I'm still hoping for quick weekend trips to Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma/Kansas for later in the summer. If I catch everything that's "new to me" in all those places and maybe sneak in an extra park or two, I may just eek out my 500th coaster this year. Have I mentioned my geekiness?


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