Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More trip planning fun

Mike has been grumpy lately, I think two months apart is beyond both of our thresholds at this point. So, I'm throwing more energy into getting this trip together for when he's here next so I don't have to do much last minute and we can just enjoy being on a trip together again.

I booked the first leg's hotels today, and I'll probably do a few more tomorrow. I'm realizing how frighteningly messy my place is, so I'm starting to devise a plan to rememdy that and I've got a bridesmaid dress to pick up tomorrow after work, and I've got to get my car in for service, and I have to renew my license in person this year, etc.

Work is slow right now, so I have that much more time to dwell on what isn't getting done elsewhere, but I know that's going to start reachine epic levels of insanity soon again too. So I'm scheming and making grand plans and trying to get as much situated now so when the wall of craziness hits I might be slightly prepared for it.

Oh, and I just joined my first knitalong. Since I have to get that lace bridesmaid stole finished for the wedding, a lace-along seemed like the right thing to do for added motivation.


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