Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Can't keep up

This is the time of year I love. It's warm enough for parks to start opening, and I'm starting to get out and end the hybernation. Granted, I usually still fit in one or two small trips in the winter to take the edge off, but from here on out the insanity is in full force and I hit the ground running with no plans to stop until about October.

So I do things like take crazy trips to Georgia like I did last weekend. It was so fun. I'm really looking forward to getting back to Six Flags over Georgia after the visit we had. There really wasn't a dud coaster in the park, and I'm thrilled with their new addition, Goliath. I also found my new favorite drop tower ride. I hung out with good friends, got to see my cousin again, and endured a 14-hour drive home. Plenty of knitting got done too, which is good since I've not picked up the needles since.

The tank added another whole skein of yarn and should be approaching the length where I split it to form the front and straps soon. I've started the heel flap on that sock. And the mohair fell off the needles when in the bag, so I need to pull the 4-rows I had started back out and start again.

My coaster craziness is documentable. Goliath was my 398th coaster and I have one month to ride a single new coaster before I get to Holiday World and make The Voyage my 400th. Lots of possibilities for that one filler credit though, so I shouldn't have a problem doing that.

This weekend is a trip to Chicago with the gang around there, next weekend is another shower for the brother's bride, and the weekend following that is Mother's Day. I have the following weekend free (I will be cleaning like a mad-woman, my place is a mess) in anticipation of my boyfriend's arrival Wednesday night for our big trip leaving that Friday for 11-days. I haven't yet made any arrangements beyond that, and I really should start booking hotels for that trip soon.

Oh, and the new job is going great but sucking up every bit of free time I thought I'd had. Welcome to a whole new level of crazy where I guess I'll eventually need to get organized or else I might do something crazy like show up for work in my pajamas.


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