Monday, May 01, 2006

Yay! Chicago!

This weekend was another fun jaunt into the start of the travel season. I'm not conditioned yet for this though, and I'm feeling excruciatingly sluggish today. Too much to do and no motivation to do anything.

The road trip was fun, we had a group of 11 of us at the park on Saturday for opening day. Six Flags Great America is still my favorite park in the chain and I love having it relatively nearby, moreso with such a great group of coaster friends local to the park. We really didn't spend all that much time at the park because of the rain. Cameron and I bowed out about 3, and warmed up with hot chocolate and the Muppets before heading down to Indiana to see Frank's band play. Lazy rainy afternoons and car-rides with someone else driving progressed the knitting some though.

I've been pokey this week, but I added the third skein of ribbon to the tank top and that's starting to look like a tube top and should be ready for the split and straps fairly soon. I am procrastinating progress on the sock, I'm almost done with the heel flap and I'm getting ready to turn it soon. And I haven't regrouped, frogged and restarted the lace stole yet. Soon. Maybe. No coaster trips until the big one in a few weeks, and I still have to get hotels booked for that and clean my apartment, and...


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