Monday, May 08, 2006

Let the craziness begin

Monday morning, of a brand new week. I've been working my new job for a couple weeks now, I've still got a little bit of paperwork for the old job to finish up that I just keep putting off. I've got a ton of work work to do and 2 1/2 weeks to take my apartment from disturbing to spotless.

This last weekend, we went to Dayton for another bridal shower. It was fun and her maid of honor did a good job considering this was the first shower she's ever had to plan. Mentally though, I was wishing I was off at Holiday World with my friends riding the new coaster. After the shower, I called and got passed down the line so they could all gush about it... they even handed me off to some random member of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Brittan. Later in the day, I got a call from another friend who had opened the new coaster in Kentucky instead. It sounds like they all had a great fun day and I was just a tinge green.

However, several hours of driving with my parents, and sleeping in a hotel room made for lots of knitting time. I forgot my sock book, so I was able to finish the heel flap but didn't have the instructions to go further. I got through another ball of ribbon yarn on the Ribbon X-back and I only need to add another inch of length before I split it for the top part. this thing is looking like it'll only end up taking 4-balls of yarn... not bad, but I still have 5 more to figure out what to do with. I also ripped out and started the lace yet again... I'm thinking I'm going to once again rip it back and start with a different pattern. This will be the last rip back that this yarn will hold up to though.


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