Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Storm

The weather in Michigan is leaving me stranded in Chicago today (oh darn, more time with friends and a vacation day tomorrow, I'm so disappointed). So, I'll be tagging along for a super bowl party tonight and braving the messy roads through west Michigan tomorrow morning instead.

Whirlyball was crazy fun last night. we had a great dinner and the three hours we played flew by. Fortunately, the bruises on my body aren't quite as severe as they were last year. Can't say the same for some of my friends though.

Plus, a weekend hanging around Cam's place always seems to be conductive to knitting progress. He brought me in to work Friday night and Saturday to help with some testing, and we spent most of Saturday watching Doctor Who on DVD.

Adam's scarf is now finished and it came out great. I would hold off on photos, but since I brilliantly already posted one forgetting that he now has the link to this blog I might as well post another. So, um... happy birthday in a couple weeks, little bro. Hope I didn't spoil the surprise too much.

I've also been working on the first of mom's Monkey socks and have gotten through two repeats of the lace. The repeat seems to be really easy to remember and after the last few pairs of socks being knit on size 1's, these seem to go so much faster on the twos. Even though I have two other socks already on the needles, I cast these on Feb 1st to be my February Socktopia socks. I'll probably alternate between these and the blue socks this evening during the game though. I brilliantly didn't pack enough clean clothes even though I knew there was the possibility of staying an extra night, so if I can finish the second blue sock tonight then I'll have a clean pair to wear home tomorrow.


Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

What's the yarn you're using here on the Monkey socks, Beth? I like it a lot.

4:10 AM  

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