Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The way I figure it...

I got to delay Christmas by a week, so I should be allowed to delay New Years by a week too. Or at least until the Christmas chocolate is all gone and I have a chance to go to the grocery store. I didn't do too horribly with the weight thing over the holidays, but I do need to get back on track and progress in the good direction again.

We had a great Christmas this year though, and I should have a zillion photos of happy family members receiving their handknit gifts, but I brilliantly left my camera at my parents house in the mad dash to pack everything up and head home on Sunday afternoon. So, no photos of Amber with her purse, or dad in his new coat with the scarf, or mom picking through her doll clothes or wearing her new socks, or Aunt Betty gushing over her purse. Not until I get back to visit and get the camera back again anyways.

There was one other handmade gift that mom and I were scrambling to get finished before Saturday morning, we put together a scrapbook of wedding photos for my brother and his wife. I had the last of the pages done around 1am, found the page protectors, found that the pages didn't fit in the page protectors and mom and I were up until almost 3 trimming the pages to fit. Fortunately, it was worth the work to finish it and it came out beautifuly. Not that I didn't contemplate giving them a binder, some page protectors and the pages and letting them figure out how to make it all fit.

We were able to totally surprise several members of my family with Mike being here, and gave his mom a good shock when we got back to town as well and it was wonderful to be able to spend New Years Eve with my guy.

All in all, a great holiday weekend.

Knitting wise, I made a stop at Threadbear on Friday night (still 2006) and picked up some needles, and my last yarn purchace before the great Knit from your Stash 2007 started. I do have one of my own rules that I'm adding, otherwise I'll be adhering to the rules Wendy has established. I am allowed to use the Michael's gift card I got from Mike's parents for yarn if I choose to, but not beyond the limit of the gift card.

When Rob was working the checkout at Threadbear, he refered to the Collinette Jitterbug skein that I picked up as "Sex on Sticks" and mentioned that he's on his 5th pair with the yarn already. It's lovely, and I can't wait to use it, I picked it up in the Marble colorway. I also got a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Rose Garden, and two skeins of Bartlett Farms yarn in a heathery green. That's going to have to sustain me into 2007 for several months... fortunately, there's the sock yarn isn't stash rule, so I'm totally going to The Fold when I'm back in the Chicago area in February.

As for the projects listed in that last post? I cast on Manresa last night and I'm through 10 rows of the chart so far. My tension is a little wonky, but not too bad and it's definitely seeming more difficult to strand in the round then it was back and forth for that little doll sweater, but I'm starting to get the hang of it, I'm loving how the inside looks and the pattern is starting to emerge on the outside too. I've also advanced the second khacki and blue cotton sock to the point where I can put a heel on it, and I cast on the first Jaywalker in the Kool-Aid yarn with the larger size stitch count.


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