Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dying to thank my secret pal!

Thank you Secret Pal!!!

A cool box of surprises arrived today full of all sorts of goodies from my secret pal.
There were all the fixings plus the printed out knitty article to play with kool aid dying yarn. An undyed skein of sock yarn, several packets of kool aid, and a turkey baster.

She also sent two handknit ornaments that she made (the sweater and socks) and a cute little knit sheep ornament that will all go on my tree (maybe the little one at work, not sure if I'll put the big one up at home this year).

And a ton of other goodies. A cute stuffed reindeer, some magnets (she also has been sending postcards instead of emails that I keep forgetting to mention and thank for), A cool handmade card, a pen, some lip gloss, and just enough chocolatey treats.

Of course, with everything else I should be doing, I honed right in on the dye stuff, cleaned up the bathroom sink, laid out a ton of plastic wrap and had to play with kool aid and the microwave. So, that white skein of yarn up there is the one now hanging over my bathtub drying. I used some of the kool aid she sent and some that I had here from forever ago (college) when I still drank the stuff and experimented with it as a hair dye. I did three initial colors - 3 packets of black cherry in one, two packets of blue raspberry with about 1/4 packet of grape mixed in, and the third was one packet orange, one packet lemonade and an old packet of some tangerine that darkened the orange up a bit. When this came out of the micro, the blue and orange seemed too bright, so I let it all cool and then overdyed with two more packets of black cherry to fill in some of the white holes and darken the orange and blue.

This is dangerous. And I can see how it can get addicting. Can't wait to see it dry, re-skein it and knit it up. And I can see myself trying more and digging out some of the henna I have from playing with hair dye earlier in life too... dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. Thanks secret pal!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that arrived super quick! The yarn looks great, I haven't had a chance to try it out myself yet, butI can't wait to see if mine turns out as well as yours.

Happy Holidays!

1:11 PM  
Blogger Javajem said...

Awesome package! I tried cool aid dying - but it didn't come out as well as yours! I don't think I added enough cool aid or something... I'll have to try again.

2:00 PM  

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