Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Still plugging away at doll stuff, I finished the koigu sweater, a matching hat and another hat this weekend in between family gatherings, scrapbooking, and meal preparations.

Three of my handknits were gifted this weekend in the mix though. My cousin's bag, my aunts dishclothes, and my grandmother's bag.

Not too surprising, given the age of my cousin, the bag was appreciated but got set aside for other cousin's toys. She did put it on her head like a hat a couple times too. I think it'll still get plenty of use though.

Grandma's bag made her cry. She tried to use the "it's too nice to use" comment and I told her that I didn't make it to sit on a shelf and be looked at, and if she wore it out, I'd just make her another one. So, after that, she starting piling stuff into it from her other purse.

The rest will be gifted next weekend.


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