Friday, December 22, 2006

Still plugging away

This last week I focussed more on dishclothes than doll clothes, but I made some doll progress too. I know I'm starting to think "resourceful" when I start looking and seeing what other people are making for their handknit Riley clothes on ebay. However, I'm also printing off a zillion patterns a day and planning out all the selfish knitting that I can get back to once we have our family Christmas (not until New Years weekend, so I get an extra week to keep plugging away at the doll stuff).

I somehow got Gromit to sit still and let me drape him with dishclothes. So, this is the fruit basket of clothes for mom. The green is a pear, lavendar is grapes, magenta is cherries, burgundy is an apple, and the varrigated is another garterlac.

And that skein I dyed with kool-aid from my SP9 pal? I wound it up into a gorgeous ball of yarn, and cast on the first small little sock yarn thing I could think of... another doll raglan. I wasn't sure how the blue would work with the oranges and reds in the yarn, but that added overdye with more red gave it a ton of colors I didn't see in the yarn when it was hanging, and I love how it knit up. It actually patterned more evenly than the koigu over the width of the sweater body. Of course the sweater body is about 40 stitches and knit back and forth instead of in the round, so it will likely look different in a sock, but I think it's still spaced enough that it shouldn't pool. I'm thinking the rest of the skein may become jaywalkers in the new year and there will definitely be more dye experiments in my future.


Anonymous Tina said...

Just discovered your blog! Gromit looks totally thrilled. ;-)
I don't know anything about knitting but I know you are into it and obviously have a talent for it. I am impressed! Very cool!

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe how well that kool-aid worked, the yarn looks awesome!


9:10 PM  

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