Friday, January 26, 2007


I can finally post photos again! I can finally post photos again! I can finally post photos again!

I didn't realize how hard it would be to blog without my camera, but this last month has definitely been a challenge and I have no intention of leaving it behind anywhere ever again after the past few weeks without it. So, a photo heavy post. Because I can.

I'm not going to post the remnant Christmas photos, but the album is here if you want to see Christmas with my family.

As for the month of January, I started the year with a little colorwork and got through half a manresa legwarmer. I've set it aside because a couple of my floats near the top are a little tight and I can't pull it up as high as I probably should be able too... so I'm debating between manipulating the floats throughout and working the slack back up to that area, frogging it and starting over making sure that end stays loose, or just letting it go and wearing them slouched. I'm leaning towards frogging to the color join and starting over.

While that's been sitting on the back burner, I've made some progress on the second Regia cotton sock, I'm about halfway through the foot now and it gets a few more rows every few days. I'm eager to get them finished, but the cotton seems to dry out my already dry winter hands.

I also used my Michaels gift card from Mike's parents to get yarn for my brother's scarf. I took Jody's suggestion and picked up the Patons SWS in the Natural Blue colorway. I'm really enjoying working with this yarn, although I did find a couple knots in the first skein, and I'm about 2/3s through the second skein so far. I bought 4, and I'm knitting it in the simple one-row pattern Stephanie posted back in October.

In addition, I cast on and am halfway through the second repeat of the leg chart for my first Pomatomus sock. The pictures aren't fully accurate representing the color, it's a really lovely varigated merino in several shades between pink, magenta and purple that I think I got off of ebay last spring.

The last thing I worked on this last month was my first FO of the year, the jaywalkers out of the yarn I dyed with kool-aid from my secret pal in December. This was my second attempt at this pattern, and the first that was successful. I will be making these again with the yarn I made the first attempt with, I'll just use the larger stitch count again the next time. I've already worn them and washed them twice since I finished them last weekend and a finished pair of socks is always good motivation to finish the other socks on the needles. These will also be my Socktopia January "Celebrate Good Times!" themed socks because I celebrated every part of the process of making these socks and have definitely been celebrating the results.


Blogger Firefly said...

Wow, the kool-aid socks turned out great! I really like the legwarmer pattern, you have definitely progressed past the adventurous beginner level, and to think you have been doing this less than a year. I am so impressed. There is another package on the way(should get there by the end of the week), I didn't forget about you I was just a bit behind this month because I had my tonsils out. I think I can finally reveal myself so Hello!


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