Sunday, January 21, 2007


I love my grandmother, but sometimes she frustrates me to no end. I would love to be under the impression that my elders would teach me that childish behaviors go away as we age.

So, you'll recall I gifted a purse to grandma that made her cry, and gifted another to Aunt Betty (grandma's sister). Same pattern, one has a flower the other has bamboo handles. Both came out lovely and were well received, initially.

It festered for a few weeks, but earlier today my grandmother was on the phone with my mom whining about the damn flower. Betty got a flower, she wants one too.

I really thought that a woman in her 70's might possibly be mature enough to have moved beyond the "mine has to be just like or better than my sisters" whine.

The sad thing is, I'm not sure what is worse. The disappointment that she would have that response despite any maturity that should be there, or the fact that I knew that that response was inevitably going to happen and I still made the purses different.

So, as much as I hate obligation knitting, there will be one spite filled felted flower in my future. In mauve please. Glad you have learned how to show your appreciation in such a mature manner.


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