Thursday, February 01, 2007

The end of SP9

Now I know who my spoiler is! Thanks Firefly, for everything. Including the great package that arrived today.

She sent a lot of goodies, 4 skeins of yarn in some great colors, a huge bag(it's folded up in the photo), chocolate, magnets. And she made me a hat! My coworkers already pick on me for wearing a scarf and my fingerless mitts at work... they're going to really think I'm a freak when I add the hat to the mix. :)

I'm headed to Chicago this weekend for a little off-season fun with the coaster friends... the bag is the perfect size to pack for the weekend. Thanks again!

On an unrelated note... I finally tallied up my sock yarn mileage for the Lime n' Violet Sock Marathon. Keep in mind, I've been knitting a few weeks shy of 1-year and it took me a few months before I plunged into socks. I've completed 4 pair of socks and have two others on the needles now. I crocheted for several years prior, but never used any natural fibers until I started knitting and certainly didn't have any sock yarns in stash before I started knitting socks.

So, how is it that in about 9-10 months I've gathered 11.34 miles of sock yarn!?!?!?!? Enough for 46+ pairs of socks!!! Apparently I'm a far more effective shopper than I am a knitter. Good thing sock yarn doesn't count as stash... plus it all fits in that one crate.


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