Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monkeys for Mom

FO: Monkey Socks
Yarn: White Willow's Secret Garden

These have to be among the fastest I've completed a sock project so far. Less than 2 weeks from cast on of the first sock to weaving in ends on the second. I think that may mean I'm ready for Sock Madness (these are also my 5th complete pair to date, so I just barely still qualify as a "Novice" sock knitter for Sock Madness).

When I bought the yarn last month, I picked it out specifically as more mom-friendly in color than the last pair I made her. If you've read back, you'll recall that those were a happy accident of mis-fitting my own foot that resulted in a perfect fit on her foot but the colors while fun and funky were a little loud. This colorway while still not plain by any stretch, is a little more subdued and momish.

I think they are by far my favorite pair that I've knit to date. It's going to be hard to give them away, but I know the pattern now and have plenty of other yarns in my stash that should look good in the same pattern should I choose to make another pair. I've already got plans for another pair of jaywalkers, might as well repeat the monkeys too.

Another stretch for me this time, these were knit in pattern exactly as written. No shortening of the cuffs, cleanly kitchnered toes, heel flapped heels. Granted previous socks weren't altered much or didn't follow much more than a formula rather than a pattern, but I've been cutting cuffs short on most all the socks I've made to date.

The lace pattern was really easy to memorize (I never thought I'd say that about any pattern longer than 3 or 4 rows) and I'm completely smitten with it's effects. Definitely addictive and quick as well.

Have I lauded these enough? My only disappointment is that I won't be keeping them for myself. But my mom is definitely a worthy recipient and I'm sure there will be more handknit socks for her in the future too.


Anonymous Brooke said...

Oh, how pretty they are!! I love the pattern you chose for the yarn! Thanks so very very much for sharing them with me :) I always wonder what becomes of the yarn *grin*

9:49 AM  

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