Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I really didn't want to leave Chicago

No, I'm not still there, but that was a possibility Monday. Cam left for work around 9, I packed up and went down to my car about an hour later. It was cold, windchill around 30 below, and I couldn't get back into Cam's building once I discovered that my car's battery was d-e-a-d, dead.

So, I rediscovered my inner bethcicle while waiting to be rescued. We spent the rest of the morning getting me warmed back up and tracking down someone who was willing to 1) try to start the car and 2) put a new battery in it asap so I could get on the road home. I also let them change the oil.

Cam got to leave work for the morning, I got to stick around a while, and I was finally able to get on the road with a much lighter wallet late in the afternoon. Awesome car guys though, highly recommended, great customer service and very friendly.My car is much happier now. Maybe I'll make a trip back once my timing belt is due to be changed out.

So, an afternoon of sitting around and not driving (plus the progress made at the super bowl party the night before) got me into the gusset on mom's sock. Had to have something good come out of it all, right?


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