Friday, September 08, 2006

Picking up

The jaywalker sock got frogged, I'll start it again soon, but it was too tight after I tried it on, so I'm going to try it it the larger size next time.

I had another sock on the needles I'd considered frogging, but I turned the heel, tried it on, and it fit fine, so I'm continuing on with it. It was my first attempt at a short row heel and I now understand why so many prefer this heel to others. It was so much simpler.

While flying back and forth to Denver, I started yet another sock, this one a cheerful self-striping hand-painted merino in oranges and greens. This sock was my first attempt at a picot hem and my second short row heel. I'm loving how it's turning out, and at this point both socks are at about the same place in the process, so I'll probably have a mismatched pair going for a while while working on seconds for both.

Denver was a blast. We had a group of 12 that more or less split off into three groups of four for most of the weekend. Mountains, chilly weather hinting at fall, alpine slides, coasters, and good friends made it a lot of fun. Good meals didn't hurt either.

Elitch was ok, not too crowded due to the chill so we weren't there long but rode everything we wanted to. Colorado Springs was beautiful. We stopped at a couple small parks and drove through the Garden of the Gods which was amazing and gorgeous, especially to a flat-stater like me.

Lakeside was my favorite traditional amusement park of the trip, amazing old rides and lots of art-deco neon and just a generally pretty, well layed out old style amusement park. However, Glenwood Caverns blew everything else away. Any park that requires a liability waiver is my kind of park. The alpine coaster was so much fun, the zip line was decent, and we ballanced the swing out so that it was almost turning 180 degrees while we were swinging which just added to the thrill factor, never mind the fact that it was perched on a 1300 ft cliff.

Monday was fun with food at Casa Bonitas, an Alpine Slide just outside of town and a quick stop back at Lakeside before racing to catch flights home.


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