Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Instant Gratification

Three finished objects in this post, but I really am slowing down on the instant gratification bend. I've got a cabled scarf started now that's distracting me in simple complication from all the instant gratification stuff I could still work on. Not that I won't get sidetracked again, but I'm content with that project for now and have a few larger scale objects waiting in the wings and a few other things waiting to be finished up.

First up, a split rib scarf out of a bulky wool/mohair blend on my size 15's. Not the softest thing ever, but it'll be warm. Was a quick instant gratification knit, and will make a nice Christmas gift, probably for either my dad or my brother.

My mom has been trying forever to get me to make her doll clothes. She collects a zillion of them, and I finally caved. Don't tell her, but it's actually fun designing and making things at that scale. More instant gratification knitting and a great way to use leftover sock yarn and some of that old small-guage estate sale/yard stale stash I still have lying around from my crochet stash. I'm envisioning a little wardrobe chest with little hangers with all sorts of little hand knit outfits hanging up as a gift. So, I had her bring me a doll to basically use as a dressform. Poor DJ is supposed to be a boy doll, but he has the same body mold as the girl dolls she wants clothes for, and the first things I made were a girly sweater and a little sundress. I will make the poor boy a boyish sweater and maybe a little hat and scarf eventually.

I've been scatterebrained on upcoming projects. So much I want to knit, so much I want to finish. I frogged that brown cotton tank I started earlier this summer and there really isn't anything else summer-ish on the needles right now, so I'm looking ahead to all the fun knitting for fall and winter. I've got plans for 3 sweaters, and yarn for several more, plus socks and scarves and hats and dishclothes and baby clothes and doll clothes.

While I've been stash-diving and playing and planning, I've made a bit of a mess... Gromit doesn't seem to mind the yarn intrusion on his sleeping spots, though.


Blogger jeannie said...

Oh, my, gosh! Gromit is SO beautiful! I bet he's great company. Does he sit on your lap when you knit like my cats do?
Congrats on the Lace.I'm about to pick up Cosy again.
Happy knitting!

11:50 AM  

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