Thursday, July 27, 2006

Travelogue: New-to-me yarn stores

One of the fun parts of travelling on your own to places you've been to before is that there's no rush. There's no need to get there immediately so stops can be planned along the route. And with no one else in the car, I get to dictate where those stops take place. Since I wasn't planning to ride any rollercoasters in the Dells on my way to Minnesota before the wedding but was still planning to stop to meet some friends for dinner, I had a little bit of time to kill along the way.

I stopped at a lovely yarn store in Loves Park, IL just outside of Rockford. The Yarn Sellar was a quick stop off the highway while passing through. I arrived about an hour before closing and she was meeting with one of her sellers and ordering new stock. I browsed for a bit, found some yarn and picked up a circular needle that my LYS hadn't had in stock before I'd left. We had a nice conversation when I was checking out and she was just tickled that I'd found the shop through the website and had travelled from Michigan. Tickled enough to let me pick a skein from the sale bin for free.

That was the only shop I was able to stop in for that part of the trip. While we were in Chicago for training, my coworker and I took a drive one of the evenings after class to Have Ewe Any Wool in Elmhurst, IL. This was a difficult shop to find as it's in the back on the second floor of a building that houses several artsy shops, but the shop itself was also quite lovely and the staff was very friendly. They were open late for their open knit night, and I hadn't thought to grab a project when we left the hotel, and for some reason didn't think to start a new one on the spot with the yarn I'd just bought so we decided not to stay and instead headed back to the hotel.

And finally, on the way home from training, I had the afternoon free to drive home. Once I got out of Chicago traffic and back into Michigan, I stopped at Sit & Knit in New Buffalo, MI. Of the three, this one will be the most dangerous as it is directly along one of my more frequent driving routes. It was also the most interesting, as the location is in a cool old house on one of the main roads in town. Took a few drive bys to find, but it was worth it. The owner's husband had command of the floor and was jovial and entertaining. There's also a cappacino maker in the back, and free lattes are offered to customers. It was like shopping for yarn in someone's living room. Very inviting and friendly, plus there was a good selection of yarn. I enjoyed petting the walls and made a few purchases while finishing my latte.

I may have to see if I can sneak away from some amusement parks for some yarn shops in Denver next month...


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