Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sometimes It's good to just be home

Wow, it's been ages since I've posted anything. The last 3 weeks have been completely crazy and I finally feel like I can take a moment to catch my breath.

My brother got married. That was a whirlwind emotional few days. Following the wedding, we travelled through Minneosota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan with some friends who were park hopping the area. Landed back in Michigan, spent the weekend with Mike's family here in town. I turned around, went to work on the following Monday and that night was on the road to Chicago for a week of training.

So, I'm finally home. I have a ton to blog about and I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle it all. Wedding, trips, some finished objects, some progress reports, some purchases and new Yarn Store visits to discuss. And all I want to do right now is finish the day at work so I can go home and get some more sleep.


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