Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Happy Feet

Finished Object: My first socks!
Pattern: Madder Ribbed Socks, Knitting Vintage Socks - as written
Yarn: Knitpicks Simple Stripes in Vineyard

These took me a while, mostly because after finishing the first sock, I finished another before tackling the second sock completely. But I now have a pair, and they match. The second one did move a little quicker with all the car knitting and with the other sock to reference too. the main difference colorwise between the two socks was in the toe, and obviously that's not going to be noticable in shoes. I'm pretty sure I wasn't counting as well as I could have when I made the first toe, so the second is a little more accurate to the pattern.

I wore them to work today and I love them. I'm definitely a convert to the hand-knitted sock club and I'm sure I'll have socks on the needles a lot from here on out.


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