Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Probably just easier to post a bunch of random stuff to get caught up today.

1) Despite spending the next morning knitting at the water park with another coaster enthusiast's wife who was spinning on a drop spindle at the next table over, This is the only knitting related photo I took on our trip. It was when I finished my first green sock the first night of the trip. I've mostly only made sock progress since then, I have finished the second striped sock (the pair will get it's own post tonight once I've gotten photos) and have the second green sock on the needles now.

2) Holiwood Nights at Holiday World was the definite highlight of the trip. We covered 9 states, 9 parks in 11 days and while there were a zillion highlights, those two days with almost all of our coaster friends present for the event was absolutely amazing. Even if I did get a funny sunburn and fell in the bumper boat pool.

3) You may get wet on this ride

Our friend Kyle caught this photo when he smartly sat out of the raft ride at Six Flags over Georgia. Mike and I are somewhere under that massive wave and were miserably soaked the remainder of the day.

4) 29 isn't so bad, I was able to spend a quiet birthday on Sunday at home with my parents and other family this year instead of jetsetting around the country for the weekend. It was relaxing and it was nice to get caught up with my awesome aunt and uncle visiting from Oregon. I have every intention of jetsetting somewhere cool for birthday 30 next year though.

5) Other than socks, I haven't knit on any of my other projects in the last couple weeks. Talk about xtreme knitting, I have 3 weeks to my brother's wedding and maybe 3 inches of my stole/wrap/shawl done so far. Ouch!


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