Sunday, June 18, 2006

5 reasons not to go shopping with my mom

Top row: (left) Sneaker/Sandals... too cool to pass up, good for coaster trips
(center) Crocs ... after that coaster trip with all the water mishaps, waterproof shoes seemed like a good idea
(right) Croc flip flops... I normally don't like flip flops, these are my attempt to convert myself

Bottom row: (left) reception shoes for wearing at the reception so 1) my feet won't kill me and 2) I won't look like an amazon next to my boyfriend
(right) wedding shoes, white strappy heels to wear during the ceremony.

Wedding is 2 weeks from today... don't even ask about the progress on my shawl. But, I'll have more socks by then.


Anonymous Clint said...

Yeah, I too am an impulse shopper for stuff I don't need. I picked up 2 new shirts (like I need or have space for more cloths) this evening. Hey, it was a green and an orange polo, both only $5. I need to get back and get more colors tomorrow...

10:59 PM  

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