Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Almost there

I'm almost caught up with all the finished objects, just have another scarf and some dishcloths to photograph and post a little later. And probably by the time those are posted I'll be done with the i-cord for my second Booga Bag and have that ready to post. I also plan to debut a free pattern soon (the things I do to try to drum up a little traffic).

It's been crazy hot here this week, too hot to knit on much of anything even in the AC at home. We've been conserving energy at work (as in the AC and lights are off) and been allowed to wear shorts for most of the week, but it still makes it trying to be at work. Hopefully this cold front that's supposed to roll through tonight will clear up some of this heat and we can get back to working in the light and cool.

I missed the Harlot on Sunday in Ann Arbor. I had wanted to go, but I had too much to do at home and I wasn't up and moving early enough to make it out the door. My parents are visiting this weekend while they're having an open house, so I've been busy cleaning like a crazed person. Running the dishwasher in this heat doesn't make the apartment any cooler or less muggy.

My office decor is going to be featured in a company publication, but I recently moved offices and haven't decorated yet.

And I'm trying to get trips squared away for the rest of the season. I'm headed to Indiana Beach for a weekend in a couple weeks, and Denver over Labor Day. I'd still like to get to Oklahoma this year and I'll probably head to California later in the fall.

I guess that's the randomness of now.


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