Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I feel like my mind and my knitting are going about 12 different directions, and I haven't actually accomplished anything the last couple weeks. I don't have a whole lot on the needles, but nothing I have is all that near wrap-up except for a dishcloth and I'd kind of like to finish something before I start in on the next thing.

After neglecting it for a while, I'm in the process now of turning the heel on that Jaywalker I started many moons ago. I've also got another sock top I'll probably frog. Its ribbed and I think it may end up being majorly baggy.

I haven't picked up the cabled scarf since I frogged several inches in that car-ride a couple weeks ago, and I have a striped garter stitch alpaca scarf I've started and made good progress on, but it's lightweight yarn on size 4s, so it's not the speediest thing ever despite the garter. Plus a bag and a dishcloth all on the needles.

I'll probably have the Jaywalker, one of the scarves and something to start my next thing with me for the flights this weekend.

As for the next thing, I think will be my first human sized sweater in deep red Cascade 220. I'm going to go with a "wing it" design of my own that is something of a marrying of Samus and Rosebud. I have a summer cardigan that I love that is all lace with a seaparating bar of a different lace that sits about the level of an empire waist. So for this sweater, I'm envisioning a cardigan with a narrow cable strip sitting just below my chest, with the top half of the sweater body built up by picking up stitches along one edge and splitting for front/back similar to how Samus works, then also picking up stitches along the bottom edge and working down to get the length in the body to lessen the chances of getting a sweater that's too short. Sort of half bottom up construction half top down. Also have a matching cable band on the sleeves with the same benefits of both bottom up and top down construction there. I'm also considering belling the sleeves below the cable band. Seems like it just may be clever enough to work and should have minimal seaming. I just have to pick a cable and start playing with it. If I'm feeling really ambitious, maybe I'll try something similar for my mom's doll...


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